Guide to Precious Metals



Yellow Gold

Chances are, if you love classic looks, then you love yellow gold jewellery. Rich and warm, our 14-karat yellow gold is 58.5% pure gold. 14K yellow gold jewellery is strong and costs less than 18K yellow gold jewellery. However, our 18-karat yellow gold jewellery is 75% pure gold, giving you a heavier, more luxurious feel when you wear it. An 18K yellow gold ring is more expensive than a 14K yellow gold ring, but you get more gold, which is great for investing.


Countless ancient civilizations, from the Greeks to the Mesopotamians, wore and cherished yellow gold bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. Yellow gold was woven into threads, inlaid in coffins, made into crowns, and used in art. When we think of marriage, we often think of yellow gold band rings or an unending circle of gold, the perfect symbol for a union. Yellow gold engagement rings worn with the bands give off a luminous allure. Diamonds set in yellow gold necklaces and other jewellery contrast nicely offer its owner a charismatic air.


Wear 14K yellow gold stackable rings for instant, on-trend panache with jeans or to a fancy event. You don't need a special occasion to wear yellow gold; 18K yellow gold hoop earrings are great for everyday wear to the office, a cookout, or to events like weddings. That doesn't mean that your yellow gold jewellery can't be opulent - an intricate yellow gold necklace with a heart, knot, key, or cross pendant studded with emeralds and sapphires makes a definite statement about your personal style. Yellow gold jewellery is meant to be enjoyed in any setting.

Our yellow gold earrings, rings, and bracelets are crafted in the USA from responsibly mined or recycled yellow gold. Your yellow gold jewellery can be easily cleaned in warm water with a soft brush and a touch of liquid dish soap.


Yellow Gold Benefits

  • The warm tone of yellow gold is classic and sumptuous

  • Yellow gold looks great with white gold, silver, and platinum

  • Yellow gold will always be popular and maintain value

  • Yellow gold doesn't tarnish


14-Karat Yellow Gold versus 18-Karat Yellow Gold

  • 14K yellow gold is very popular and less expensive

  • 14K yellow gold has a warm look

  • 18K yellow gold is more valuable, purer, and heavier

  • 18K yellow gold is popular world-wide and has rich, buttery tone


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Sterling Silver

At Fleur Jewellery, our sterling silver rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are made from purer silver than traditional sterling: we use Argentium 960. That means that the silver we use in our jewellery is 96% pure, among the highest percentage of pure silver jewellery you'll find anywhere. Argentium sterling silver jewellery resists tarnish better than other silver alloys, allowing you to enjoy a brighter tone to your pieces longer. Over time, the cool finish will eventually develop a patina; just polish your sterling silver jewellery to restore its shine.

For thousands of years, we've worn sterling silver bracelets, earrings, cuffs, rings, and necklaces. This shimmery white metal can be worn day or night, and is a very popular in everyday jewellery. Sterling silver jewellery is far more affordable than white gold or platinum. Express yourself through designs like sterling silver flowers, key pendants, zodiac symbol necklaces, knot rings, and more. The Argentium sterling silver in our designs is very durable, and is easy to clean and polish. Even better, if you have a nickel allergy, you can wear sterling silver earrings and other pieces; there is no nickel in Argentium 960 jewellery. Additionally, our sterling silver jewellery is made from¬ recycled traceable silver, which means that it's much better for the environment than traditional sterling silver.

Our sterling silver  is designed for everyday wear, it can be easily cleaned by polishing it with a soft cloth or in warm water with liquid dish soap and a soft brush.


Argentium Sterling Silver Benefits

  • It's 96% pure silver, compared to 92.5% pure sterling silver
  • It's easy to clean and brighter than platinum
  • It's less expensive than white gold and platinum
  • It's recycled traceable silver, better for the environment
  • It has no nickel, good for those with allergies
  • It resists tarnish naturally


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White Gold

Our 14-karat white gold jewellery is 58.5% pure gold with other metals added to make it stronger and more durable; the pieces are then coated with rhodium for lasting brightness. 14K white gold is very popular and less expensive than 18K white gold. If you just love owning as much gold as possible, our 18-karat white gold is 75% pure gold and also treated with rhodium for a bright look. Additionally, 18K white gold jewellery offers more gold, making it a bit heavier and more valuable.


White gold jewellery is the perfect alternative for those who want the luxury of gold with a cool silvery tone. If you find the cost of platinum too expensive, white gold gives you the same look for much less per ounce. On the other side of the scale, if you worry about silver tarnishing or find the metal too soft, then white gold jewellery is perfect for you.


White gold engagement rings are increasingly popular: Before Kate Middleton got the ring from Prince William, Princess Diana wore the famous white gold ring adorned with a beautiful blue sapphire encircled by diamonds. If white gold and diamonds are out of your budget, consider white gold with white sapphires.


Add glittering white gold earrings to compliment a casual outfit, or wear white gold drop earrings encrusted with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, tourmaline, or sapphires for a special night on the town. We hand-select the best gemstones for our white gold necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets; all jewellery is made by hand in the USA from recycled or responsibly mined white gold. Clean your white gold jewellery in warm water with a soft brush and a little mild dish soap.


White Gold Benefits

  • The cool tone works with any gem colour

  • Mixes and contrasts with rose gold, sterling and platinum

  • The same look as silver but won't tarnish

  • Harder and more scratch-resistant than silver

  • Less expensive than platinum

14-Karat White Gold versus 18-Karat White Gold

  • 14K white gold is stronger and more scratch resistant

  • 14K white gold is less expensive and very popular

  • 18K white gold is denser, purer, and more valuable


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